So why this picture? Why is it a favourite? Well, there’s a couple of reasons and not the least of which is that this picture of Luke the groom getting ready reminds me of the whole wedding day.

It’s a couple of years ago now, but there’s always a number of weddings that stick in the mind for one reason or another. Luke and Andrew are good friends and being able to shoot their wedding was really special.

I’m a big fan of black & white pictures and David and I often look through pictures after a wedding and see a few that just scream out Black & White! In fact, its very tempting to edit a heck of a lot of pictures this way. It’s timeless and looks damn good!

Shooting through the open bathroom door, seeing that door in-shot and Luke looking over his shoulder at the camera, with that half-smile gives you a sense of being involved in this private moment. Although he is the only point in focus, there is just enough clarity in the reflection to put him in context and give you an idea what he is doing.

This was a great wedding and still ranks as one of my favourites. Of course, joining in the later celebrations and partying helped that view.


Groom getting ready. Black and white picture of Groom Luke Barron peers over his shoulder at the camera whilst straightening his collar in his bathroom, prior to leaving for his wedding ceremony.

Tech stuff –

Camera: Nikon D3S
Exposure: 1/200s@ f/2.8
ISO: 1000

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