Cann Woods in Plymouth is another one of ‘those’ places. Those places which, no matter how long you live somewhere, you never knew existed. So when Hollie and Isaac said they’d like to have their pre-wedding portraits done there, I asked for a few directions. I wasn’t expecting something along the lines of ‘it’s down a path opposite the gorilla’!
This probably means something to people from Plymouth, but if that isn’t you then the gorilla is a life-size model of a wrestling clothing-clad gorilla by the side of a road. Something of a landmark is what it has become and it helped me find where Cann Woods is.
It’s a bit of a walk down to the woods and the river that flows through them, but it was a great opportunity to get to know each other a bit more. I find out that Hollie and Isaac are a great couple and we are really going to enjoy shooting their wedding in July.

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-049

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-5a

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-025a

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-010

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-9

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-1a

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-013

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-014

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-016

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-017

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-021

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-022

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-023

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-027

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-028

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-031

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-026a

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-033

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-038

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-039

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-045a

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-048a

Hollie&Isaac Pre-wed-043Why don’t you get in touch and find about having a portrait shoot at your favourite location? Get in touch we’d love to chat over a brew!

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