We followed Hollie and Isaac behind their VW wedding car and both exclaimed ‘ooh, poppies!’ as we drove past this poppy field. Apparently they did the same and so we didn’t pass-up this opportunity.

When David and I are shooting weddings, there’s always moments at which we see a picture on the back of the camera and know that a great shot has been taken.

Sometimes its obvious why and other times maybe not so. This is one of those not so moments for me. Its hard to describe why I like it.

There are quite a few pictures in this series, but this one does it for me. Shooting from a low angle and selectively focusing on the wheat in the foreground means that you can’t quite see the intimate moment between bride and groom in the distance. This makes it a bit more private for them and really emphasises their location, rather than what they are doing there.

Always looking for the different angle, it’ll sometimes give you a winner…


Wedding portrait of bride and groom Hollie and Isaac Chung embracing in a poppy field

Tech stuff –

Camera: Fuji XT-1
Exposure: 1/1000s @ f/4.0
ISO: 200

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