This is the Pendennis Castle wedding of Jess and James in Sunny Cornwall. This is a wedding of laughter, a wedding of fun and love.
Now I know you could say the same about all weddings, but sometimes it just shows through a little bit more in the pictures we grab as we roller-coaster through these wonderful days. Jess and James certainly fall into that ride as a couple who had nothing but ear-to-ear smiles the whole day through.

It was a day that started for Jess at the charmingly named Nurseries and for James at the St Michaels Hotel and spa. Then a short journey up to the headland to the 16th century castle. It’s a great place for a wedding with a unique place to get married and a pleasant reception held at the on-site barracks. We were more than happy making the most of the interesting buildings, rolling green lawns and bright early summer sunshine.

There’s always a lot of things that stick in the mind when covering a wedding. There’s also always going to be a few you forget, but then that’s what all these coolio pictures are there for. To help remind you, to help give you those ‘OMG, I’d forgotten about that!’ moments.

Memories for us from the wedding include; crazy dancing in the  morning, hula hoops, groomsmen who jump up, jump up and get down with rockin’ bridesmaids prepared to do the same with their bride. Not forgetting of course the fun you can have with a tug ‘o war rope that becomes a skipping rope. What does it all mean? Scroll down through the picture adventure below and smile at the fun…


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