I worked with a good friend and photographer many years ago called Dave. We all knew him as ‘Jan’ (he’s Cornish) and others may have known him as ‘cupcake’ – but that’s another story. Anyway, Jan had two little boys that used to run around our feet at parties. Those two little boys have grown a bit now and here’s one of them – Ross, with his lovely fiancee Laura.

There maybe a smidge of pressure on doing a great job for these guys, but do you know what? I reckon it’s going to be good, we’re going to have a blast. So have a gander at these few shots from their portrait shoot at the beautiful Mount Edgecombe Country Park in Cornwall.

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-001

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-003a

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-005

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-013

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-011

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-025a

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-034

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-010

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-016

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-023

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-036

Laura&Ross Pre-wed-027

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