Amy and Marks Lavender House wedding was a bit of a last minute deal for us. Their original photographer had to unfortunately pull-out close to the wedding date, we were recommended by an old friend of mine. But, we’re so glad it happened this way. So glad it happened at all, because if you look through the pics below you’ll see what a great day was had by a great couple. There was no end of laughs and maybe just a smidge of eccentricity thrown in here and there.

If you ever get to meet these guys, ask Mark about his stag do. I’ve never heard one so interesting and fun. Think hitch-hiking after a lonely night in a Dartmoor derelict building, think grabbing a lift in a passing aircraft, think sword-fighting a group of people on the top of a hill (I kid you not!) and think stowing away on a ship to get to Wales. But wait, there’s more. More than I can tell in this short ditty, but rest assured it’s a wild tale to tell.

So this wedding all happened at the quirky Lavender House hotel, a great place in Devon which even had one of those high strikers down at the bottom of the garden. You know, those hammer and bell things you used to get at the circus. Have a look below and see that once it was found by the lads it became a matter of pride to hear that bell ring.

All in all this was a tip-top day and we loved every minute of it, Amy and Mark… we salute you!

Groom Mark sitting on bed preapring his wedding speech at Lavender House Hotel


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