Have you ever been to a wedding on a working farm?

Ever sat in a lovingly restored hay-barn, as two special people make promises to each other at the start of their wonderful life together?

No? Then you should have a look through these pictures from Kirsty and Will’s Nancarrow Farm wedding. Honestly, it’s a great venue for a wedding and the barn where they hold ceremonies is a bit of a photographers dream. There’s obviously quite a few shots from the ceremony, but check-out the portraits of the two lads (it’s the first image actually, look down) and also Kirsty and Will in that barn. That’s some light to die for!

I’m not going to lie, it’s always a bit easier if we shoot at a venue where the whole wedding is taking place. I mean from the start where everyone is chilling as they get ready, right through to those crazy last moments of dancing. As long as we’re busy catching all those moments that make-up these wonderful, wonderful days. Here at Nancarrow Farm we were busy and we loved it.
I could go into detail about the dresses, the suits, the cake, catering etc. But I’m not going to, because that detail is in the pictures and that’s the best way for you to see and appreciate just how cool this wedding was. Of course, if you’d like to know more about these details just give us a shout.

So go on… have a look at the happiness. Have a look at the laughter. Have a look at the dress (I thought it was pretty ‘wow!’), the hay barn, the shots in the rain (who cares about the weather anyway?), the speeches, the fun and of course the love. It’s all in there. You’ll be smiling as you look through…

Shouts go out to…
Needle & Thread – That gorgeous dress…

Flower Scene – Well, those flowers!

This could so easily be you within the pages of the Little Red Book, all you need to do is give us a shout and tell us all about your planned wedding day. Go on, we’d love to be there with you!

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