So here’s another one of those previews, sneaky peaks, taster – call it what you will. We’ll call it ‘mezzin’!

You maybe forgiven for thinking its a shot which we have edited heavily to darken the area around Natalie and James, but you’d be mistaken. It genuinely looks like you see it in the picture. It really does have the feel of a dreamy, leafy tunnel. So of course there was no way we were going to pass up an opportunity to take advantage of light like this. Clearly N and J were happy to make the most of it as well. Guys you were great!

Newlywed bride and groom, Natalie and James together in an embrace down a leafy lane with beautiful dappled light, on their wedding day at Tredudwell Manor in Cornwall

So how do you get pictures like this for your wedding? Well ,that’s the easy part – get in touch with us here and you can both enter the pages of the Little Red Book.

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