We have both worked together as photographers for many years. Historically this was often as second shooters for one another and if you ask a colleague to shoot as second photographer, its really important that they will compliment what you are trying to achieve.
There’s a mighty good reason for this, it’s so that you as a bride and groom are given the dedicated and consistent attention that you rightly deserve.

Now, although we had been working individually as photographers in our own right, we found that more often than not we were working together as a single business in all but name. We worked together very well using similar styles with the same aim – to give our couples the best possible service we could and to have a good laugh whilst doing so. It was inevitable that the next logical step was to focus what we were doing into one single concern.

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                                                                          David                                          Mac

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Darren Macdonald: I live in Plymouth in the South-West and have done so for most of my photographic career. That's a career which started over 25 years ago in the Armed Forces. Oh yes, the Armed Forces do have dedicated professional photographers. It was an awesome job which allowed me to travel across the world on many challenging assignments. I live at home with my two children, Harry and Grace (bonkers) and my wife Mandy (not bonkers). There’s also a little black dog running around – Poppy (very bonkers), she’s a great excuse for us to get out as often as we can onto Dartmoor which we love. When I’m not taking or processing photographs, you’ll find me reading (I’m a big fan of all things medieval), cycling, going to the gym or more than likely having a few ales down the local. As far as photography is concerned, it is of course something I’m pretty keen on. You’d think that after 25 years in the profession I’d get a bit fed-up with it, but (suprisingly?) I reckon the opposite is true. Weddings are always an enormously fun event to attend, and having the chance to go to a lot of them and see the most intimate moments is pretty cool. But the best part is helping you as a couple to have something that will allow you to remember those moments for the rest of your life. Anyway, I’m rambling now. That’s enough of that! Have a look around the website and get in touch here - we need to talk…