When you start looking through the internet for your wedding photographer, what are you looking for?

You’ll probably have an idea based upon what you like and maybe upon the abundance of work you can see on websites/blogs etc. It can be a little bit overwhelming because you know it is such a big decision to come to, when you finally commission your chosen supplier.
Obviously you’ll want pictures of the both of you throughout your day and you’ll see loads of these pictures on various photographers websites, and why not? After all it is your day. You are the VIPs, it’s all about you as we like to say. But, there are a lot of people at your wedding and 90% of the time they will not be close to you. They”ll be outside waiting to get ready for your ceremony. Or mingling near the bar as the photographers whisk you away to get some of those intimate portraits of just the two of you. These are all precious moments which you may never see or experience, they’ll only happen once. There is so much going on during your day that would be such a shame if it was missed.

The point I’m trying to make is that weddings are about everyone who has come along at your invitation, to celebrate and be with you on this once in a lifetime day. The day you become husband and wife.

Portrait of two boys at Nancarrow Farm Wedding

Wedding Photographers, not bride and groom photographers

There’s no doubt that sometimes as wedding photographers, we can get carried away with focusing (no pun intended!) on the time we feel we need to spend with just the two of you. Time where we have perhaps just a little more control and where we think about getting those award-winning pictures. Those pictures are important of course, you want some cracking shots with no-one else around where you can have a breather and relax for 20 minutes. But if we as photographers step back and take a reality check every now and then, we remember why we are there in the first place.

You have paid us to photograph your wedding.

That’s the crucial part.

Your wedding. All of it. That’s you, your venue, your family. All the things your friends are getting up to and the brilliant laughs, smiles and tears as they do it. Everything (as much as we can) and anything that’s going on. But it’s all done for you, not us. Because ultimately we are working for you and we understand how precious the results will be for you.

Take a peek at the pictures in the rest of this post and you’ll see what the heck I’ve been going on about. They’re in no particular order and there won’t be a bride or groom amongst them but I’ll bet you get the feels for what great days these must have been…


So , you see what I mean. You see how much more goes on at your wedding so make sure you get those moments captured! Make sure we’re there to do that for you 😉
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